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Want to vacation in Garut? Please read our travel guide to Garut as complete as possible here. You can find any tourist attractions in Garut, how to get to the location, things to do in Garut, typical Garut souvenirs, and so on.

Garut is a district located not far from the city of Bandung. This city has been well known since colonial times as a destination for rest/rest.

Tourist attractions in Garut are quite diverse, ranging from hot spring tours, waterfall tours, mountain tours, to beach tours in Garut are all available. Access to Garut from Bandung is quite easy, it only takes about 2 hours to get there.

Popular tourist destinations in the city of Garut ranging from mountains to beaches. But, because of the large area it seems impossible to be able to visit all tourist attractions in Garut in 1 day.

Tourist Attractions in GARUT

The following is information about tourist attractions in Garut that we have collected. Please just take a look.

Cipanas Garut Wisata Tourism

The tourist area of Cipanas Garut offers tours of natural hot springs. Here you can enjoy hot water that comes directly from an active volcano, Mount Guntur.

You can enjoy hot baths, swimming, and also playing water booms in the various baths available there. There are many hotels that can be an option to stay in Cipanas Garut.

Darajat Garut Tourism Complex

The Puncak Darajat tourist complex is located not so far from the city center, and is quite easy to reach. Here you can enjoy natural hot spring tours at the height of the green hills. The sensation is quite different from Cipanas, which is located in a lower area.

You can swim, play in the water boom, or just soak in hot water at a height. Sometimes while shrouded in cold fog.

Karacak Valley

Karacak Valley is still relatively new. This vacation spot in Garut is in the form of a pine forest and coffee plantation which is managed to become a unique natural tourist destination in Garut.

The location itself is in the Garut Kota sub-district, so it is not so far away and quite easy to reach by tourists.

Dragon Village

Kampung Naga is one of the famous traditional villages in West Java. Administratively, Kampung Naga is actually part of the Tasikmalaya district. But the location is quite close from Garut. Because of this, many people think Kampung Naga is part of the Garut area.

In Kampung Naga, the atmosphere is still beautiful. You can find natural conditions that are in harmony with nature, learn the culture of the Sundanese people who are still awake, as well as unwind.

Talaga Bodas Crater

Located in Wanaraja District, Talaga Bodas Crater is a small lake formed above the crater of the former eruption of Mount Talagabodas. The place is similar to Kawah Putih in Bandung, only relatively pristine.

You don’t need trekking or climbing mountains to get here. The access road has been directly to the location of the crater. It’s just that now you can’t park directly on the edge of the crater. Now, you have to park in the available area, approximately 1 KM before the crater.

Kamojang Crater

Located on the border of Garut – Bandung, you can make the Kamojang crater as an alternative tourist destination. The route is still the same route as Sampireun Village and Situhapa Rose Garden.

Although the name is a crater, but here there is no ordinary crater, it is more in the form of geothermal steam that comes out of certain areas. Here we can walk around the area, take a hot bath, and so on.

Sampireun Village

Kampung Sampireun Resort and Spa is one of the exclusive resorts in Garut. This place is a destination for many foreign and domestic tourists. Sampireun Village is also one of the famous honeymoon destinations in Garut, both abroad and domestically.

Here we can stay at natural and beautiful resorts around the lake, enjoy the surrounding culture, equipped with very exclusive services.

The location of Sampireun Village is in one direction with the Kamojang Crater Area. You just point the vehicle to the route Garut – Samarang, then turn right towards Kamojang. It is located approximately 5 KM from the fork in the Samarang-Kamojang road.

Situhapa Rose Garden

Not far from Sampireun Village there is also a Situhapa Rose Garden. The location is only about 1 km apart.

Here you can enjoy the vast rose garden, restaurants, and natural panorama and fresh air. If you are lucky to visit when the roses are in bloom, the view will be very beautiful.

Kamojang Ecopark

Kamojang Ecopark is a new tourist attraction in Garut. The location is in the Kamojang area, not far from the border gate of the Garut – Bandung area.

Kamojang Ecopark can be an alternative tourist place besides the Kamojang crater which was known earlier.

Kamojang Green Hotel and Resort

Kamojang Green Hotel and Resort is located before Sampireun Village, approximately 3 KM from the fork in the Samarang – Kamojang road. This place has recently opened, but is already quite attractive as an exclusive resort option in Garut.

The atmosphere is also natural, with a very good location arrangement.

Cangkuang Temple and Pulo Village

Cangkuang Temple, Situ Cangkuang, and Kampung Pulo are located in Leles sub-district. it is located before entering the city of Garut not far from the highway so this tourist spot can be the first tourist spot you visit.

Cangkuang Temple is located in the middle of the lake (small lake). To get to the location you have to cross first using a raft that is widely available there. In addition, there is also the traditional village of Kampung Pulo which is located right on the edge of the temple.

Under the Sky Cilawu

Kolong Langit is one of the relatively new natural tourist destinations in Garut. The location is in Cilawu Garut, not too far from the city center.

Very suitable for you to visit while unwinding from work.

Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit is located quite close to the Garut terminal, only about 4-5 KM. the location is in the Banyuresmi sub-district, and right on the side of the highway so you won’t miss it. Here we can go around the lake/lake by paddle boat (duck-duck) or use a raft. On weekends, there is also a shop that opens in the middle, you know… a bit unique too.

To get to the location; direct the vehicle to the Garut-Banyuresmi terminal. The location is on the left, about 5 KM from the terminal.

If using public transportation; Take an angkot that goes to Garut – Banyuresmi from the terminal, stop at the entrance gate, Bagendit. You can also take a wagon from the thunder terminal.

Papandayan Crater

The crater and Mount Papandayan is one of the favorite natural tourist destinations in Garut. The place is easy to reach, with really cool natural beauty. Here you can travel in the Papandayan crater complex, have an adventure to the Tegal Alun edelweiss field, take pictures on the top cliff, or even pick up the sunrise at the Papandayan Sunrise cliff.

The road to the location is also good, not as bad as it used to be after the last eruption of Papandayan. However, if you are going to visit here, it is also necessary to see whether the location is currently closed or not, because in extreme weather conditions this tourist complex is sometimes temporarily closed by the authorities.

Orok Waterfall

Orok waterfall is located approximately 1o km after Cikajang, still on the same route with Sanghyang Taraje waterfall. Curug Orok is easy to find because the gate is located on the side of the Cikajang – Bungbulang road.

To get to the location, follow the route Garut – Bayongbong – Cikajang – Bungbulang. The location of the Orok waterfall is before Cisandaan. The location is easy to find with the help of Google Map.

The Road to Garut

The road to Garut is quite easy. God willing, you will not get lost if you use private or public vehicles.

Depending on the tourist attractions you are going to visit, there are several alternative routes to Garut that you can use.

Walk to Garut City Center

The route to downtown Garut is quite easy. If you use a private vehicle, you can exit at the Cileunyi toll gate and then direct the vehicle to the Bandung – Garut highway. On the fork Nagreg road, please turn right and follow this road to the center of Garut city.

Another alternative route to Garut, can be via the Bandung – Majalaya – Ibun – Kamojang – Samarang – Garut route. You can also use this route if you are stuck in traffic while going home from Garut to Bandung.

Places to Visit

Using this route is suitable if you want to visit tourist attractions that are not so far from downtown Garut. Places that you can easily visit include; Cangkuang temple (before Garut), Cipanas area, Situ Bagendit, Talaga Bodas crater, Darajat area, Kamojang area, Papandayan mountain, Orok waterfall, and also Sang Hyang Taraje waterfall.

Using Public Transportation

If you use public transportation, you can take a bus to Garut from the Leuwi Panjang terminal and the Cicaheum Garut terminal. Besides that, you can also take a bus (Primajasa/Karunia bakti) from Jakarta (Lebak Bulus Terminal, and Kampung Rambutan).

Another alternative is to use omprengan vehicles such as Elf and Suzuki Carry. Usually there are terminals in Leuwi Panjang and Cicaheum Bandung.

In addition, you can also take public transportation from Cileunyi, after the toll gate. Here we can take all the buses to arrowroot that pass here, or the omprengan vehicle.

Road to South Garut

This route is suitable if your main goal is to visit the beaches along the southern coast route in the Garut region. It is recommended to use this route using a private vehicle (car-motorcycle) because there is still little public transportation available.

To go to southern Garut, you can use any route that goes into the southern route from Sukabumi, Cianjur, etc. Just follow the southern route and you will enter the Garut area.

If from Bandung, you can use the route Bandung – Pangalengan – Cisewu – Rancabuaya beach (garut). Or it could be the route Bandung – Ciwidey – Cidaun – Rancabuaya Beach (Garut).

Tourist attractions in South Garut that you can visit include; Rancabuaya Beach, Puncak Guha Beach, Santolo Beach, Cijeruk Beach, Taman Manalusu Beach, Cicalobak Beach, Paranje Coral Beach, and so on.

Typical Souvenirs of Garut

A vacation to Garut is certainly not right if you don’t bring Garut souvenirs. Souvenirs that are brought home can be in the form of a typical arrowroot culinary or souvenirs.

Some things that you can make as souvenirs when traveling to Garut include;

Garut Leather Jacket

Garut leather jackets are known to have good quality. It has even been exported to foreign countries. In addition to leather jackets, there are also many other leather craft productions such as bags, belts, hats, gloves, and so on.

The leather craft center in Garut is located in Sukanggang. The location is approximately 2 KM from downtown Garut, it’s easy to get to the location.

Dodol Garut

In addition to leather jackets, lunkhead is also one of the typical souvenirs of arrowroot. Manufacturers that are quite well known here are Dodol picnic. Dodol picnic arrowroot has a wide selection of flavors and uses good packaging. Suitable for you to make gifts. In addition, the taste is also good, not too sweet.

Chocodot – Typical Garut Chocolate

Chocodot is a chocolate product that is now being hunted for typical souvenirs from Garut. This chocolate has a variety of unique flavors, with cute and quirky packaging. It’s perfect if you bring it as a souvenir after a vacation to Garut.

Other Culinary

In addition to the three things above, this city also has a variety of distinctive culinary products such as;

  • Tangerine
  • Dorekdok or skin crackers
  • Opaque
  • Burayot
  • Angleng
  • Ladu
  • Rangginang
  • and others.

You can find typical Garut culinary products at souvenir centers that are widely available in the Tarogong area and also on Jalan Ciledug.

Hopefully this information on tourist attractions in Garut can be an additional idea for those of you who are planning a vacation to Garut.

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